THQ Nordic buys Carmaggedon IP from Stainless Games


THQ Nordic has acquired the intellectual property rights for Carmaggedon from Stainless Games.

The move marks the continuation of an IP-acquisition spree by THQ Nordic which, as we reported, recently also snapped up the rights for TimeSplitters, Second Sight and Kingdoms of Amalur

Isle of Wight-based Stainless Games (then known as Stainless Software) shot to fame in 1997 with Carmaggedon for the PC, which created controversy thanks to its gameplay, which involved using cars to mow down pedestrians in imaginative, physics-defying ways.

The most recent iteration of the franchise was 2016’s Carmaggedon: Max Damage (see video above). So far, THQ Nordic hasn’t said what it intends to with Carmaggedon, although the publisher also recently acquired Bugbear Entertainment which, as the developer of Wreckfest, has experience of making similarly anarchic vehicle-based games.

For further news, keep an eye on THQ Nordic’s website.