Bandai Namco to build new European HQ in Lyon


Bandai Namco is about to start building a new European Headquarters in Lyon, France.

The Japanese publisher made the announcement on its website, saying: “Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe is proud to announce the commission of a brand-new European Central office situated in Lyon, France. The new building is expected to break ground in Spring 2019, with work finished by the end of 2020. More than 150 staff, of more than 30 different nationalities, currently work at the Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe offices, with the new building providing space for the company to grow significantly over the next decade.”

Naoki Katashima, President and COO, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, added: “Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has been a proud resident of Lyon since 2009, and we’re delighted to continue to base our Central European teams in this fantastic city. We’re currently working with developers across Europe, including France, to create the next generation of Bandai Namco Entertainment franchises, and are committed to developing 50% of our new titles outside of Japan. To this end, the decision to invest in Lyon and in our European base was a no-brainer.”

Having recently released European-developed games like 11-11: Memories Retold, Project Cars 2 and Get Even, and with the likes of Dontnod’s Twin Mirror and The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan coming up – along with a huge roster of Japanese-developed games – Bandai Namco has become noticeably more international lately.

For more information, keep an eye on the company’s website.