Bethesda Suffers Customer Data Leak Over Canvas Bag Support Tickets


It has been an absolutely diabolical few weeks for Bethesda. It’s multiplayer experiment Fallout 76 had a woeful launch, with bugs and server problems plaguing the experience of early adopters.

The game was then panned by most outlets, and you would think things could only get better, but then fans started receiving their collector’s edition copies of the game.

A bag included in the merchandise that was supposed to be canvas turned out to be made of shoddy nylon. Of course, fans were outraged. Fervor only grew when it was revealed that Bethesda gave similar canvas bags to influencers as part of a preview event.

Now, as if things couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that Bethesda has unintentionally leaked the personal data of the fans who made support tickets concerning Fallout 76, either to receive the paltry compensatory atoms or ask for a refund.

Twitter users have been posting frequently on the platform sharing screenshots of their support ticket screen, which, instead of just containing their own complaints, now holds complaints from people around the world in the same position.

The problem is, these extra support tickets contain the legal names, email and home address of the affected consumers, as well as their card details. Ouch. Not a good look, and another blow to consumer trust that Bethesda didn’t need. The company has since apologized and is investigating the issue, assuring fans that they take their privacy seriously.