Monster Hunter World 2019 Updates Include Iceborne Expansion And Geralt Of Rivia


A special developer update for Monster Hunter World was streamed yesterday, where the team at Capcom revealed a suite of new content coming to the game in 2019.

The main event was the announcement of a new expansion, titled Iceborne, which is set to take players to a completely different snowy biome. This comes complete with a new quest rank, monsters, locations, moves and of course, weapons and items to upgrade your hunter. 

The trailer is particularly cryptic, but fans are already speculating that it will include the Nargacuga, a flying wyvern that deals in poison. Perhaps it will be a factor in the new storyline in the Iceborne DLC, which is set to take place after the events of the base game.

Besides that, details are pretty scant beyond the release date. Iceborne is set for an Autumn 2019 release.

But that’s not all! Near the end of the update, there was a surprise waiting for fans. Geralt of Rivia of The Witcher game is coming to the world of Monster Hunter! This may not be a surprise to fans who’ve seen characters like Aloy, Dante and hell, even Ryu come to the game so far, but this particular character fits very well.

The trailer features voice-acting from the excellent Doug Cockle waxing about his monster slaying past, with the reveal that the character and an associated questline is coming to the game in early 2019. This is great news for anyone who is still playing Monster Hunter World, and fantastic work from Capcom to support this highly successful title.