Bethesda Drops Typhon Hunter Multiplayer Expansion For Prey


Remember Prey? Arkane Studios’ eerie space-bound immersive simulator that dropped in 2017? It’s just received a new expansion.

Titled Prey: Typhon Hunter, this totally free update adds both a multiplayer game mode and a VR escape room, two compelling bits of content to entice you to head back to Talos 1.

The multiplayer mode is essentially a modern take on Prop hunt, where teams of Mimics (Prey’s murderous alien creatures that can become the form of everyday objects) take on the protagonist Morgan, with the last team standing being made the winner.

Transtar VR is a very different kettle of fish, transporting you into the world of Prey and forcing you to escape a room, solving puzzles and evading aliens. This acts as a prequel to Prey’s campaign before all of the chaos ensues on the moon base and looks to be an interesting way to experience the game’s inspired setting.

Both bits of content are now available for free across all original platforms, so if you fancy exploring more of Talos 1, redownload and hop back in or pick it up if you never caught it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The last piece of DLC, Mooncrash, was an utterly fantastic spin on the Roguelike format, which bodes well for Typhon Hunter’s experimental ideas.