Amazon listing suggests Battlefield V will get microtransactions


An Amazon listing suggests that microtransactions will be added to Battlefield V in January 2019.

It has been reported that pre-orders for Battlefield Currency, available from January 18, 2019, have appeared among the online retailer’s listings. Battlefield Currency will exist alongside Battlefield V’s Company Coin, which is earned via in-game deeds, and will only be used for purchasing cosmetic items which have no effect on gameplay.

The addition of cosmetic-item microtransactions to Battlefield V was not unexpected – we predicted it as long ago as March 2018. But it will once again leave publisher Electronic Arts facing scrutiny over microtransactions, following a backlash over Star Wars Battlefront II’s microtransactions, which originally introduced a pay-to-win element to the game and led to a drop in EA’s share price.

EA hasn’t yet made an official announcement about the imminent arrival of Battlefield Currency, but we can expect it to do so soon. Keep an eye on the Battlefield V website for further news on the World War II fps.