Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Sleuths Discover Playable ZX Spectrum Game


Unless you’ve been living under a festive rock for the past week, you’ve most likely heard of Bandersnatch, the experimental episode of Black Mirror that has lit up social media with it’s choice-based interactivity.

This will be an all too familiar concept to seasoned adventure game / FMV players, but Netflix has managed to adapt these systems onto it’s streaming platform, meaning you can control the action with just your remote control.

In typical Charlie Brooker fashion, the mind-bending tale is set in 1984 and surrounds the enigmatic development of a game based on an epic tome called ‘Bandersnatch’, which the unfortunate protagonist (who is under the control of the user) is obsessed with. To save spoilers, I won’t go any further, but it’s an essential watch even if you just have a fleeting interest in the genre.

Regardless, following the episode’s release, internet sleuths have been scouring for some of Black Mirror’s famous Easter eggs, and the search has certainly been fruitful. As well as numerous references to past episodes and multiple joke endings, keen-eyed fans have found a link to the ‘Tuckersoft’ company website, the development house featured in the episode.

The website includes short run-downs of each of their games and some tongue-in-cheek flavour text, but most interesting is the ability to download one of the titles featured in the episode. ‘Nohzdyve’ is a ZX Spectrum title designed by Will Poulter’s character in the show, and you can play it right now as long as you have a Spectrum emulator at the ready.

See if you can smash out a high score, but be careful not to get too addicted. We all know what happened to Pac-Man…