Vlambeer Founder Reveals Meditations, A Launcher Offering Free Daily Indie Games


Rami Ismail, celebrated indie icon and founder of Vlambeer (the team behind influential titles such as Nuclear Throne and Super Crate Box) has revealed Meditations, a project that provides a free indie game for every day of 2019.

Meditations is free to download and essentially functions as a launcher, a stripped back version of Steam that downloads a suite of free games every month that unlock by the day.

The games included are meant to be completed in five minutes and are estimated to have taken around six hours to make. They will tackle a wide range of genres, from “curious small puzzle games” to “personal games about life and loss and happiness and love and death and everything.”

The project features numerous talented developers, with their games being revealed across the year. You can download the launcher from the Meditations website, which is available on systems running Windows 7+ or OSX 10.12+. If you like a certain game, links will be provided to its creator in the launcher so you can show some love on social media.

This is a fascinating initiative that is sure to spur some exciting ideas out of budding indie developers and provide a minimalist game every day for those who feel the need to relax with something a bit less tense than your typical battle royale. You can support the project with the hashtag #meditationsgames on Twitter.