Twitch User Who Allegedly Abused Partner Whilst Streaming Is Unbanned & Quickly Re-Banned


Last month we reported on a disturbing viral livestream clip broadcast by Fortnite streamer MrDeadMoth. The video showcased alleged abuse against the streamer’s partner, who is heard in the video talking to him during the broadcast, which leads to an argument and an off-screen engagement.

MrDeadMoth was later arrested and released on conditional bail over the incident. Naturally, Twitch suspended his account at this point.

However, the same streamer decided to make a controversial comeback to Twitch on December 30th, reactivating his social media and promoting an upcoming livestream with the words “Let’s be positive.”

Of course, many netizens and fellow streamers were frustrated at the concept of an alleged abuser being allowed back onto their platform with relative ease. Concerns were voiced on social media, with many calling for Twitch to re-ban the offending user.

Twitch eventually responded to the bubbling furore. In a statement issued to Kotaku they clarified their policies on harassment and reinstated MrDeadMoth’s ban.

“We want everyone on Twitch to have a safe and positive experience and work constantly toward that goal. Part of that work includes examining our policies and practices when we find they don’t properly address specific incidents to ensure we’re adapting as the Twitch community grows.”

This was a misstep on the part of the streaming titan which sent a poor message to those concerned by MrDeadMoth’s actions. Hopefully Twitch’s mention of “adapting” to problems like this is something taken to heart, and we can avoid worrying situations like this one in the future.