Alien: Blackout Turns Out To Be A Mobile Game Starring Amanda Ripley


After much teasing over the past few months, Alien: Blackout has finally been revealed, but it’s very different from what most fans had imagined.

First up, it’s a mobile game. When it was first teased prior to The Game Awards, many thought it was going to be a follow-up to the wildly popular Alien: Isolation, the 2014 survival horror title from Creative Assembly.

Blackout will retain the survival horror roots, but this title is being developed by D3 Go, known for the popular Marvel and Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest games.

Details are sparse, but strangely enough, it looks a lot like Five Nights at Freddy’s. A screenshot from the game’s homepage shows a map screen with the tag ‘command your crew to safety’ and a limited power meter you have to use to activate motion tracking devices. You can also issue commands to crew members, the screenshot showing the options ‘STOP’, ‘DON’T HIDE’ and ‘SNEAK’, with a ticking timer in the top right.

It looks like you’ll be in charge of avoiding a nefarious Xenomorph on a crumbling ship, through “seven fear-inducing levels.” The description also reads that “every decision can lead to a different conclusion,” so every play through claims to be different.

This is an interesting curveball for Alien fans, but with mobile gaming currently booming, it makes sense, and it looks like a genuinely novel concept using a compelling, well-known IP.