Blizzard Pay Tribute To Stan Lee With World Of Warcraft NPC


After his tragic passing in November last year, Blizzard has paid tribute to comics icon Stan Lee with a special NPC in World of Warcraft.

Patch 8.1.5 hit the WoW PTR yesterday and with it arrived ‘Stanley’ an NPC who wanders around Stormwind Keep, waving at others and yelling his trademark line “Excelsior!”

The tribute was found by Twitter user Bas Schouten, who posted a picture of the unmistakable character on the platform.

As reported by WowHead, there are also two other models of the tribute NPC hidden in the game that are yet to be found. Whilst the Stormwind Stanley is wearing Alliance gear, there is another wearing Horde armour and the final NPC is kitted out in more standard, unaffiliated gear.

This means that there are up to three Stan Lee tributes in the game for players to find, with the potential for more references.

It’s a charming tribute to a legendary and influential man who sadly left us in 2018. Make sure to find him in your own WoW servers once the patch rolls out to pay your respects. Excelsior!