THQ Nordic Acquires Rights To 90s Sci-Fi Classic Outcast


In what appears to be a conquest to own the rights to every forgotten game property under the sun, THQ Nordic has added another series to its growing roster.

This time around it’s Outcast, the 1999 sci-fi shooter where you play as Cutter Slade and explore the alien open-world of Adelpha.

The game is set in 2007 in an alternate reality where the U.S. government probes an alien world strangely parallel to our own, and the player is tasked with closing the resultant black hole and conducting a recon mission to recover the probe.

It’s wacky but inspired, and it was so popular that it sparked a remake in 2017 titled Outcast – Second Contact which is available on Steam. Both iterations of the game received critical acclaim upon release, and it’s thought of as a cult classic by many.

This only bolsters THQ Nordic’s current crop, which is already looking incredibly strong. With titles like TimeSplitters, Kingdoms of Amalur, Carmageddon and Destroy All Humans under their belt, the company is in a great position to bring some much-loved series back into the modern conversation.