Square Enix Details the Launch Week Patches For “Kingdom Hearts 3”


To the utter dismay of fans across the globe, Kingdom Hearts 3 leaked earlier this month ahead of its January 29 release date. 

Fortunately, Square Enix had already accounted for this reality and stripped the game of all of its secret epilogue content, meaning that whilst there certainly are spoilers out in the open, the reveals holding the most magnitude are still wrapped up behind closed doors.

On January 11 the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account tweeted out the launch schedule of this secret content, which will ship throughout release week as players make their way through the game.

Similarly, on Thursday, January 31 Kingdom Hearts 3 will be updated with a ‘Secret(video)’ that requires meeting “certain criteria during play” to be seen. The criteria varies depending on the difficulty you choose when you start your adventure, which suggests (but does not confirm) that the content isn’t locked off if you opt to play the game on easy, which is great news for all.

This is a thoughtful move from Square Enix to secure a game that many fans have been waiting more than a decade for. Hopefully, launch goes off without a hitch and we can dive deep into the gorgeous-looking Disney worlds upon its release at the end of the month.