EA reportedly shelves open-world Star Wars game


Electronic Arts has reportedly cancelled development of the major open-world Star Wars game it has been working on since 2017.

According to Kotaku, “Three people familiar with goings-on at the company” have confirmed that the game under development by EA Vancouver, which EA had not shown publicly and which was codenamed Orca, has been shelved.

The Star Wars project had already endured a torrid development cycle. Originally conceived as a linear action-adventure game, codenamed Ragtag, at Dead Space developer Visceral, it was handed to EA Vancouver when EA closed Visceral down in October 2017. EA then announced it would be revamped, and it was given the new codename Orca.

A year later, Orca claimed a high-profile casualty when Jade Raymond, who had reportedly been working on the game, left EA’s Motive Studios. Uncharted creator Amy Hennig, who was in charge of Ragtag at Visceral, had already left EA in January 2017.

Now, Kotaku reports that: “When EA’s top decision-makers looked at their road map for the next few years, they decided that they needed something earlier than the planned release date for Orca, according to two people familiar with what happened. So they cancelled Orca in favour of a smaller-scale Star Wars project that’s now aimed for much sooner—likely, late 2020.”

EA still has one Star Wars offering, in the form of Star Wars: Battlefront II, and Titanfall developer Respawn is also reportedly developing a game entitled Jedi: Fallen Order, due for release in late 2019. For further Star Wars-related EA news, keep an eye on the company’s website.