Ubisoft’s Just Dance Series Is Being Adapted Into A Movie


The latest video game to get the big screen treatment is… Ubisoft’s Just Dance.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Deadline Hollywood reported on what was an apparently “competitive” bid war for adapting Ubisoft’s dancing franchise. The movie rights were eventually acquired by production and distribution company Screen Gems.

Screen Gems is a division of Sony Pictures responsible for such titles as Easy A, Carrie, and Slender Man. Director Will Gluck (Peter Rabbit) is involved with the project but, per the reporting, not in the director’s chair.

Ubisoft Film and Television is naturally overseeing part of the production, with their previous Fassbender-led effort Assassin’s Creed grossing well but failing to win over critics.

It will be interesting to see if the Just Dance movie will lean hard into its video game DNA or take a more palatable direction, drawing inspiration from other popular dance movie franchises like Step Up.

Just Dance joins Sonic the Hedgehog and the upcoming Uncharted movie as the latest video game franchises coming to a cinema near you. Video Games have an awful track record at the box office, but let’s just hope these particular adaptations aren’t quite as bad as say… 2005’s Doom.