Unity amends Terms Of Service to lift bar on Improbable


Unity has amended its Terms of Service so that, effectively, Improbable’s SpatialOS has had its licence to operate with the development platform reinstated.

As we reported a week ago, the developer community was thrown into confusion after it emerged that Unity had amended its Terms of Service in December 2018 to revoke SpatialOS’s licence to operate with Unity. But now, in a blogpost, Unity’s co-founder Joachim Ante announced that his company had further amended its Terms of Service, meaning that Unity developers can once again use SpatialOS without being in breach of Unity’s licensing.

Ante said: “Today we have updated our Terms of Service, Section 2.4. The TOS update highlights that developers can use any third party service that integrate into Unity. Some of these services will be supported, others will not. Today’s change in our TOS means Improbable is no longer in breach by providing you a service, and that we are able to reinstate their licenses. But we do not consider them a partner, and cannot vouch for how their service works with Unity as we have no insight into their technology or how they run their business.”

Ante admitted: “Over the last week there was much confusion, and untrue statements were raised which we refuted. But most importantly we listened to you, our community that felt that the End User License Agreement (EULA)/Terms of Service (TOS) was too restrictive. When you make a game with Unity, you own the content and you should have the right to put it wherever you want. Our TOS didn’t reflect this principle – something that is not in line with who we are.”

While that just about amounts to a mea culpa, Unity is clearly still not overly fond of Improbable. Ante said: “We know Improbable was in violation even before the December TOS update and misrepresented their affiliation with us. Although SpatialOS is not a supported third-party service, it can continue to be used for development and shipping games.”

As we reported, Epic Games stepped in, attempting to lure developers away from Unity and towards its Unreal Engine, and the Unity-Improbable spat may well make Unreal Engine a more attractive proposition for developers. There may be further developments – keep an eye on Unity’s and Improbable’s websites.