2.4 million gamers download Resident Evil 2 1-Shot demo


More than 2.4 million people have downloaded Capcom’s free “1-Shot” Resident Evil 2 demo.

According to ResidentEvil.net’s statistics page, so far over 2.44 million people have downloaded the free demo of the hotly anticipated remastered version of what, for many, is acclaimed as the finest of all Resident Evil games. The 1-Shot demo is limited to a single 30-minute play-session although, as we reported, gamers have been trying to crack those restrictions.

The popularity of the 1-Shot demo has undoubtedly served to heighten anticipation of the lavishly produced Resident Evil 2 remake, which will be released on January 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more information, watch the Resident Evil 2 website.