Skrillex Reveals Kingdom Hearts Chord Trickery Behind Face My Fears


As Kingdom Hearts 3 looms large on the horizon, more details have been revealed about its opening song, ‘Face My Fears’.

The popular collaboration between Utada Hikaru and electronic artist Skrillex has been well received by fans, but did you know the chord structure is similar to another Kingdom Hearts song?

On Twitter, music producer @helloneet published a video playing the piano, figuring out the chords to Face My Fears. Whilst demonstrating what goes into the song, he slows the progression and shows how the song links directly into Dearly Beloved, the heart-rending menu music from the popular series. The natural transition feels flawless and will electrify any hype-filled Kingdom Hearts fan.

This is an incredible bit of flair from Skrillex, and hats off to Neet for discovering it. Skrillex later replied to the post on Twitter, stating

“Also I wrote that [sic] chords for face my fears in the same key as Passion as well, good for live mashups!”

Passion is Utada Hikaru’s ethereal track from Kingdom Hearts 2.

So it looks like Skrillex’s Kingdom Hearts fandom has seeped into his production. What an excellent homage to the series! Fitting that it grafts from a multitude of tracks in the Kingdom Hearts discography.

You can hear Face My Fears and more of Kingdom Heart 3’s hotly anticipated soundtrack when the game drops next Tuesday, January 29th.