Cyberpunk 2077 creative director departs for Blizzard


Cyberpunk 2077’s creative director, Sebastian Stepien, has left CD Projekt Red to join Blizzard.

The news emerged after Stepien unveiled his new employer on his LinkedIn page. Stepien is one of CD Projekt Red’s veteran employees, having spent over 12 years with the developer where, most recently, he was Cyberpunk 2077’s narrative and setting director, as well as its creative director.

Stepien’s reasons for leaving CD Projekt Red are unknown, and he lists himself as a creative director at Blizzard, with no indication of which game he will work on there. While some wild speculation that all might not be entirely well on Cyberpunk 2077 has swirled around the web, it is far more likely that, with the hotly anticipated sci-fi RPG nearing the end of its development cycle, Stepien felt his work on the game was effectively done.

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