Wargroove Will Feature Crossplay Between PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One


Remember Advance Wars? The 2001 Game Boy Advance tactics title that was a smash hit, spawning multiple sequels, but sadly faded into obscurity in the late Nintendo DS era

Well, Starbound developers Chucklefish have developed a spiritual successor, titled Wargroove. With a wonderfully inspired medieval setting (and a dog commander named Caesar), it looks like its going to be one of 2019’s indie darlings.

On top of all this, the game will also support cross-play across the three platforms it is launching simultaneously on. This means that PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players can all enjoy the game together in multiplayer, regardless of the system they own the game on. The developers revealed this in a cute tweet from the Wargroove Twitter account.

“Sometimes your friends aren’t in the same faction as you, and that’s okay! No need to start a war, keep your band together with multiplayer cross-platform play on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.”

PS4 players are out of luck for the time being though. The game is set to launch later on the platform, with an unspecified date set at the time of writing.

Those who own one of the other platforms Wargroove is launching on can check the game out when it drops on February 1st, so get your friends ready for some turn-based tomfoolery!