Blizzard Reveals Paris Map For Overwatch


Overwatch developer Blizzard has dropped another map into the fray, and it’s a beauty.

Assault map Paris is currently live on the Overwatch public test region servers and attempts to capture the beauty of the famed city of lights.

This is map 20 for Overwatch and is full of inspired little details. Highlighted spots include the Cabaret Luna, a starting zone with a diva songstress, the Patisserie Galand, an artisanal bakery, and a gigantic palace known as Maison Marat.

It’s a tight map that forces you down alleyways, pushing you up close and personal with your foes. The climax of the map has you brawling adjacent to the gorgeous sights of the Seine.

It’s another treat for the Overwatch players, and it wouldn’t be complete without delightful little secrets. The piano in the spawn zone is fully functional, which has led many players to knock out renditions of the Tetris or Mario theme before a game starts. Blizzard’s attention to detail continues to be stellar.

You can play Paris right now on the PC PTR, with the map going live on the public servers at some point in the near future. Strap your beret on and hop in now to get an edge on the competition!