Tetris Effect Is Free To Play On PS4 This Weekend


Easily one of the most essential VR experiences available right now, Tetris Effect lit up the minds of many last year when it offered up euphoric synaesthesia in a polished package.

Spearheaded by the genius mind behind Rez and Lumines, Mizuguchi’s Tetris Effect revolutionised the iconic puzzler into a moving emotional experience about humanity.

It’s much more than just a puzzle game, and luckily for those of you who own a PS4, you can play it for free this weekend. The game is fully playable without PSVR, but it’s recommended to strap it on if you are looking for the full experience.

Tetris Effect will be free to play from today, February 8th until Monday, February 11th. Participants will be given access to three stages from Journey Mode as well as Marathon and Mystery mode.

This is more than enough content to win you over, especially the Journey Mode stages, which are an audio-visual delight.

Tetris Effect received immense critical acclaim upon its release and is well worth a try if you enjoy puzzle games, but make sure you go in blind. The less you know the better. You can download the demo on the PlayStation Store right now, so strap in and let Mizuguchi’s synaesthetic tidal wave wash over you.