The Witcher 3 Themed Monster Hunter World DLC Is Available Now


Geralt of Rivia has come out of retirement to fight gargantuan monsters once more in… Monster Hunter World?

Yes! The previously teased collaboration between Capcom and CDProjektRed has come to fruition, and now you can cosplay as the White Wolf whilst you poison Jagras and slay foul beasts.

Rank 16 players will be able to take part in “Trouble In The Ancient Forest,” where Geralt takes out his swords and signs and whoops a Leshen into touch.

Leshen are the terrible, forest controlling beasts found in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Players who topple this particular evil will be able to craft new armor sets, gestures and palico weapons. You can even pick up a Ciri cosplay set too!

A second branch of this collaboration will be available later on February 15. Your second target, if you choose to accept it, will be an Ancient Leshen, a more powerful version of the original challenge only for hardcore hunters.

The Witcher pack is available right now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, with the content headed to PC at a later date. Keen Witcher fans, sharpen your swords!