Hollow Knight Sequel Revealed By Team Cherry


The wildly popular roguelike indie darling Hollow Knight is getting a fully fledged sequel titled Silksong.

Silksong swaps out the needle-boasting protagonist for Hornet, a fan favorite foe/companion from the first game.

The plot of Silksong follows Hornet as she is dropped into a new land “haunted by silk and song” and must fight her way to the peak of the kingdom.

Hornet’s arsenal and move set will be totally different from what players are used to, and with over 150 new enemies and a Silk Soul challenge mode, there’s enough to keep players busy as they venture to this new land.

Despite only just dropping in 2017, the first game has become a runaway success thanks to its stunted launch on Nintendo Switch, which became the go to console for players to access this overlooked indie gem.

It’s clear that Team Cherry want to turn Hollow Knight into more than just a singular success, as they supported the original games release with a suite of free DLC.

There is no release date available for Silksong right now, but expect more details to arrive soon. The game was originally planned to be a DLC expansion, but in Team Cherry’s eyes, it became too unwieldy and expansive and they had to turn it into its own game. How exciting!