Crackdown 3 Takes Political Swipe At Theresa May


Crackdown 3 may not have been worth the wait when it dropped on February 15, but that didn’t stop the game from wading into the murky bog of British politics.

Developed by Sumo Digital, who have studios in Sheffield, Newcastle and Nottingham, the game stars Terry Crews as an upgradable action hero who leaps and explodes his way through New Providence, a corporate-controlled haven for chaos.

It’s not exactly the most revolutionary sequel in history and fails to iterate on the formula, despite being solid, wholesome fun.

In-game, civilians are undermined by the vicious TerraNova overlords who push them into fringe shanty towns, force them into slavery and generally ruin their livelihoods.

One area in the main shanty town on the north-west coast of the map hosts a few billboards that take a direct swipe at Theresa May. The offending neon sign reads ‘Theresa’s Foodbank*’ with small print noting ‘Restrictions Apply’.

This is a clear swipe from Sumo Digital at the Tory party who currently hold power in the British parliament. Their leader, Theresa May, has overseen a dramatic rise in the use of food banks across the country as her parties policies of austerity have pushed those less fortunate to the brink. This has been compounded by a tortured rollout of the new benefits system, Universal Credit, which has put even more pressure on families and caused an increase in emergency food supplies being utilized.

It’s great to see game developers inject their games with clever political commentary rather than completely avoiding the subject and sitting on the fence. As far as I know, this is the first jab of its kind in a modern AAA game. Let’s hope many more follow suit.