Epic Receives Another Lawsuit Over Fortnite Running Man Dance


Another week, another bit of thorny litigation for Epic Games. The Fortnite creators are being sued once more by claimants who believes they have co-opted their dance without permission.

This time around, the dance in question is the Running Man emote which is available in Fortnite. This dance is said to copy a set of moves popularised by two University of Maryland basketball players named Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens.

Brantley and Nickens claim responsibility for the viral craze, the Running Man Challenge, through which the dance in question became popular in 2016. The problem with this case for Brantley and Nickens is that whilst they certainly popularised the and the challenge, they did not actually create it.

They are looking for over $5 million in damages, and are going after Epic for their lack of credit when creating the Fortnite emote.

Of course, this is not the first lawsuit over Fortnite emotes. Other celebrities who have decided to sue include BlocBoy JB, 2 Milly, Alfonso Ribiero and Orange Shirt/Backpack Kid. The storm circle is encroaching on Epic, but we still don’t know how the courts will side on this issue. Its thought that a dance has to have a certain complexity to be able to administer a copyright to it.

Especially when Brantley and Nickens can’t really claim ownership over the dance, this is going to be a difficult one to fight, but we shall see what happens as the multiple lawsuits develop over the course of the year.