Oscar Isaac Wants To Play Snake In The Upcoming Metal Gear Solid Movie


Mad robot scientist, Rebel starfighter, Solid Snake? Oscar Isaac has proven himself a potent force in the film industry, but a move into the video game adaptation space could very well be in his future.

In a recent press junket for his Netflix movie Triple Frontier, Isaac was asked by IGN journalist Max Scoville what video game adaptation he’d see himself in.

He leapt at the chance to mention Metal Gear Solid, an interesting claim given that Jordan Voigt-Roberts Metal Gear movie is currently shuffling along without its lead.

Oscar certainly looks the part, and would fit with the directors vision for a non-schlocky video game adaptation.

In response to this exciting revelation, Voigt-Roberts took to Twitter to make it clear that “The ball’s in Oscar’s court.”

What do you think? Is this a match made in Outer Heaven or just a flash in the pan? Hopefully we’ll get a more detailed response from Oscar after the directors comments.