Cities: Skylines passes six million-player milestone


Paradox Interactive has announced that Cities: Skylines has sold more than six million units.

In a statement on its website, celebrating the city-building game’s fourth anniversary, the developer/publisher said: “Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order released Cities: Skylines for Windows, MacOS and Linux four years ago this Sunday, March 10. Since its last birthday, the best-selling city-building game has sold over a million MORE copies – more than six million to-date, but who’s counting? (We are.)”

Paradox Interactive also took to Twitter to celebrate the game’s anniversary, saying: “Happy 4th Birthday everyone! 4 years ago we started this incredible city building journey with you, and we couldn’t be more proud of how far our community has come… and quite frankly, how many Wind Turbines you’ve built Any other game stats you want to know?”

Sandra Neudinger, Cities: Skylines Product Manager at Paradox Interactive, said: “When we first launched Cities: Skylines, we knew it was special, but we never dreamed how far players would take it.” Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of developer Colossal Order, added: “The community is the heart and soul of the game – we’re just here to give them the tools they want and need to make it their own.”

As we recently reported, Paradox Interactive has just opened a new development studio in Berkeley, California. For more Paradox Interactive-related news, keep an eye on the company’s website.