2018’s War Child UK Armistice raised $380,000


Charity War Child UK has announced that the 2018 programme of its Armistice gaming fundraiser generated a record $380,000.

Armistice, jointly organised by War Child UK and US charity Children in Conflict, has now raised $759,695 since its inception in 2016. War Child UK said: “In 2018 the charities for children affected by war worked with 20 heavyweight studios, in the month of November, giving the gaming-community a chance to participate in peaceful gameplay through exclusive content, a Steam, Amazon App Store & Google Play sale and live streams to inspire the gaming community to raise vital funds.”

The charity said the highlights of the 2018 Armistice programme included: “Themed DLC content for World War I title 11-11: Memories Retold through a series of letters, drawings and photographs found throughout the narrative adventure inspired by real life stories from the children supported by War Child, as well as a Peace Stand in Prison Architect, and for the first time a Virtual Reality collaboration with Dick Wilde.”

Lionel Lovisa, Producer for 11-11: Memories Retold at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, added: “With 11-11: Memories Retold we wanted to make a game that goes beyond traditional entertainment. With that in mind, working together with War Child UK made a lot of sense. We hope the 11-11: Memories Retold charity DLC will help War Child accomplish more today while it also reminds everyone about the human realities of being drawn into conflict. For a better tomorrow we need to remember the lessons of the past.”

War Child UK added: “In 2019 War Child’s work with gaming will continue with RE-PLAY in April, taking players back to their childhood favourites with downloadable retro themed games and events all to raise money and awareness for children affected by conflict.”

For more information about War Child UK and its work with the British and American gaming industries, tune into its website.

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