Spyro Reignited Trilogy Finally Receives Patch With Accessible Subtitles


The long-awaited remaster of the Spyro the Dragon games dropped earlier this year thanks to Activision and Toys for Bob, but it was missing one crucial detail: subtitles.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy, whilst being a charming nostalgia trip to the late 90s, was instantly met with criticism for its lack of accessibility options.

Easily the most glaring omission from the game, Spyro lacked subtitles for its cutscenes, an astounding misstep that has now been remedied with the latest patch.

Unfortunately, it feels a little too late, as it should have been standard from the start, yet as Activision so famously claimed when the fan outcry started to bubble “there is no industry standard for subtitles.”

Whatever the weather, they’re in the game now in all languages, with readability splits and properly coloured text.

It’s good to see that the developers went all out, but realistically, it shouldn’t take a public outcry for games to have subtitles. Kudos to Activision and Toys for Bob for actually listening, though.