Obsidian Developer Remaking Star Wars Dark Forces In Unreal Engine 4


Star Wars: Dark Forces was an iconic FPS developed by the late but great LucasArts. This was when they were in their peak Star Wars phase, creating new scenarios for players to blast through reminiscent of the movies they so dearly loved.

This one starred Kyle Katarn as he rampaged his way through Star Destroyers and other galactic set pieces with a first-person viewpoint ripped straight from DOOM, the natural inspiration for this 1995 gem.

Yet, it’s not quite dead and buried, as an Obsidian developer has taken to reviving Dark Forces in Unreal Engine 4. The demo looks absolutely gorgeous and is silky smooth. The details look like something straight out of DICE headquarters.

It sets out to recreate Mos Eisley, specifically the spaceport with the Millenium Falcon docked and ready to go. It’s easy to relate to the bemusement of BlueDrake42 as he takes in his surroundings.

The man behind the magic is Jason Lewis of Obsidian, who is leading the project. You can download a fully functional demo of the spaceport slice through BlueDrake42’s website.

This looks very much like a passion project, so hopefully, it won’t get canned by the higher-ups at Disney and we can follow on as it develops. You never know, with enough interest, we could see Dark Forces in the spotlight once more.