Octane Lands In Apex Legends Alongside Season 1 Battlepass


A new legend has landed in Apex as players attempt to grapple with the Wild Frontier of Season 1.

Amongst a heap of polish and a suite of battle pass unlockable items, players received an entirely new character in the form of Octane, a masked rocker who looks like he’s been pulled kicking and screaming from the Borderlands universe.

His abilities offer a fresh spin on the current meta of Apex Legends, from his passive Swift Mend that heals the character whilst not taking damage to a wacky ultimate in the form of Launch Pad.

A concept that might be familiar to players of Fortnite, Launch Pad chucks enemies and teammates into the air so they can rain hellfire from above. With a 90 second recharge, its quick and effective, and tracks well with Octane’s tactical ability, Stim

Stim gives Octane a 30% movement speed buff which last six seconds, and offers a buff to his slowdown resistance. He can activate this ability every two seconds, which means his play style is absolutely hectic. This will hopefully disrupt the current meta of Apex Legends and keep things interesting for those addicted to its Battle Royale gameplay loop.

You can purchase Octane for 12,000 tokens or 750 Apex Coins, with the Battle Pass being a little bit more pricey at 950 coins, though it does reward players with a progression system similar to the battlepass systems seein other Battle Royale titles.

On top of the new additions the game is now more stable across all platforms, and the workflow behind reporting players has been improved so you can wipe those pesky cheaters from the player base at the click of a button.