Apex Legends Set For Second New Character During Season 1


Season 1 of Apex Legends kicked off last week, bringing new character Octane into the fold, a high-speed legend who looks like he’s been pulled straight from the Borderlands universe.

If you’re bored of his jumping already though, never fear! Another new legend is coming to the game before the end of Season 1.

Wild Frontier’s PS Store page has revealed the news. According to the page “Two new characters will launch over the course of the season.”

The page also teases two “new items” that will be introduced to Apex Legends, offering “something new and innovative to the strategic mix.”

We have no idea how these items will work, but it truly could be anything!

I guess we have the next 11 weeks to find out what they’re going to be. For now, hop in, start theorizing about Legend 2 and get grinding on that battle pass (be warned, it’s a bit of a slog.)