New Lord Of The Rings Game In Development Starring Gollum


Completely out of the blue, it looks like we’re in for some more Lord of the Rings games, specifically one focusing on the trials and tribulations of Gollum, the scruffy homunculus cave-dweller who loves his raw fish.

The game is being developed by Daedalic, who you may know from the Deponia point and click series which has a cult following, finding its feet on Steam.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will serve as a prequel to Lord of the Rings, and is based not on the famous films but Tolkein’s books.

What’s fascinating is that with Daedalic’s previous affinity for point and clicks, this very much could be a similar style of game, perhaps offering a Telltale-style experience where we court Gollum as he falls to the beck and call of the One Ring.

Beyond that, all we know is that it is headed to PC and whatever consoles exist in 2021. It sounds fascinating, at the very least, it will explore the universe from a different perspective than a third-person character action game, something sorely necessary by now.