Borderlands 3 Revealed Alongside Remasters For Previous Titles


After an eventful livestream at Pax East yesterday, which involved lots of Randy Pitchford and magic tricks, we finally got our first look at Borderlands 3.

The verbose, chaotic trailer is almost exactly what you would come to expect from this zany series, down to the unpredictable arsenal (guns with legs?)

A suite of characters from previous games are returning, from Tales From The Borderlands’ Rhys (who now boasts a moustache) to Tiny Tina, who is all grown up.

Whatever your Borderlands disposition is, the sequel looks like more of the same with a nice coat of polish. Some of the screenshots were evocative of the fidelity of a game like Destiny, which would be a good game to compare it to, what with the advent of the ‘looter shooter’ in recent years.

Borderlands is technically the grandfather of these games, so it’ll be interesting to see how it iterates on the formula with its own modern take on the genre.

Outside of Borderlands 3, we also received word that a remaster of the original Borderlands was just around the corner. Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 3, and include all DLC. Beyond graphical improvements, the game will feature an updated minimap and new cosmetics.

If you’re a proud owner of The Handsome Collection on PS4 or Xbox One, an Ultra HD Texture Pack update is coming for free to both platforms. Perfect if you’re looking to get your fix before the sequel arrives.