Borderlands 3 Roundup: Release Date, Epic Store Exclusivity, Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed


Mayhem is coming. After a hefty dose of leaks, we finally know a lot more about Borderlands 3.

The game will launch on September 13th this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In regards to store exclusivity,  Borderlands 3 will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store until April 2020.

Gearbox are hosting a gameplay reveal event on May 1 that will dive deeper into the new worlds you’re going to be exploring with your vault hunting pals. For now, we now that the new protagonists are named Moze, FL4K, Amara and Zane, who have to fight the evil Calypso Twins, who seem to be involved in some sort of Siren power tomfoolery.

Outside of the above, it looks like the game will introduce vehicles into the formula and of course, let you loot over a billion guns, because why not? According to the press release, there will also be a level sync system that makes co-operative play easy despite varying levels of progress.

Of course, there are also three editions of the game, each with their own relevant digital content exclusives. The base game is barebones, but the Deluxe Edition will offer players a retro cosmetic pack, a set of toy guns and some XP & Loot boosts.

The Super Deluxe Edition goes even further, packaging in the game’s season pass, which will feature four packs of content, much like the original. You also get the Butt Stallion weapon, which fans of Borderlands 2 will enjoy.
If the loot hunt has well and truly driven you mad, you can also pick up the Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition, which will feature a replica chest, 10 figurines, models, keychains, a cloth map, lithographs, and a steel book case. Of course, everything prior is packaged in here too, making it a bumper package.

The GOTY Remaster of the original Borderlands also drops later today if you’re looking for an inbetween fix. It’s a big day for Claptrap fans. Happy looting!