Nintendo Switch Online’s April NES Games Revealed


Three more classics have been revealed for Nintendo Switch’s Online service.

April 10th is the day to look forward to, as Super Mario Bros. : The Lost Levels, Punch Out!! And Star Soldier are coming to the platform for all subscribers.

1987’s Punch Out is one of the most iconic games of all time, where you work through a rogues gallery of fighters one scrap at a time. It’s a delightful bit of challenge if you’re looking for something old school after Sekiro.

Star Soldier is Hudson Soft’s vertical Shoot-Em-Up. Nothing more to say there. The Lost Levels is the most interesting, as it wasn’t released in the West outside of all-star collections, due to its difficulty. It throws obstacles in the way that should test the mettle of any seasoned mario player.

An online subscription is £3.49 for a month and £17.99 for 12. There’s currently a promotion where you can get a year for free with Amazon Prime via Twitch Prime, so be sure to check that out!