Focus Home Interactive announces 12 new partnerships


Focus Home Interactive has set out a roadmap for the coming years which includes twelve partnerships, with developers it has published before as well as new studios.

The news emerged from an event Focus Home Interactive is holding in Paris entitled What’s Next 2019. Among the highlights of the announcements made there are that it will publish a new game by Dontnod, of Vampyr fame, another game developed by Sumo Digital, two new games based on Games Workshop IPs, from Streum on Studio and Gasket Games, a new Canadian developer featuring ex-Relic Entertainment staff, and that: “It has reached an exclusive agreement for video game adaptations of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu franchise for the next ten years.”

The Paris-based publisher will also bring games to the market from a number of developers it has already collaborated with. Deck13, of The Surge fame is working on: “A brand-new franchise which builds upon the strengths and expertise of the studio.” Saber Interactive: “Will embark once again with Focus on the production of two new titles with exceptional potential. One of these titles will be supported by one of the most important licenses in the Games Workshop universe.”

It announced tie-ups with two new studios: “Artistic talent, passion, and innovative design are three terms perfectly defining the unique games from Limestone Games, an independent Estonian developer that joins the Focus line-up today. Pushing, evolving, and innovating is also the ambition of Lightbulb Crew, a talented studio based in Paris. Their game offers a dedicated artistic direction and unique concept, with what it takes to push the boundaries and break the rules of the tactical genre.”

Plus it provided some further details regarding its new agreement with Sumo Digital: “The first fruit of this collaboration aims to deliver a multiplayer experience without compromise in a universe as dark as it is violent, developed by Sumo Newcastle, the team behind EVE: Valkyrie.” And it will bring Farming Simulator, Call of Cthulhu and Vampyr to Nintendo’s Switch.

For more details on the welter of new activity at Focus Home Interactive, keep an eye on its website.

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