Psyonix cuts paid Rocket League loot boxes in Belgium, Netherlands


Developer Psyonix has removed the ability to purchase loot crates with real money from Rocket League in Belgium and the Netherlands.

As revealed in the latest patch notes, Rocket League players in Belgium and the Netherlands will no longer be able to purchase in-game Keys with real money and use them to unlock loot crates. The patch notes said: “Players in Belgium can no longer open Crates with Keys due to government regulations,” and: “Players in the Netherlands can no longer open Crates with Keys due to government regulations.”

As we reported, both the Belgian and Dutch governments conducted studies into paid-for loot boxes in 2018 and concluded that some games contravened their gambling laws. Since then, various publishers have disabled paid-for loot boxes in the countries, including Valve with Counter-Strike: GO, Blizzard with Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, and ArenaNet with Guild Wars 2.

Given the moves by the Belgian and Dutch governments to ban paid-for loot boxes in games with young audiences, it is widely expected that the European Union will at some point move to introduce similar legislation. For more Rocket League-related information, keep an eye on the car-football game’s website.