Overwatch Custom Game modes


Overwatch already has infinite playtime for many people, so the addition of the upcoming Workshop mode is just icing on a very hefty cake. In a developer update posted this week Jeff Kaplan, the game’s director, shared some details on this exciting new addition. He said that the Workshop mode is a “scripting mode that will allow you to make custom game modes within the custom game browser.”.

This mode gives players the same tools as the people behind the game and will undoubtedly lead to some utterly manic modes. The example modes that Jeff Kaplan gave where a Mirror Deathmatch, which has players swapping characters every minute and a Molten Floor mode where you take damage if you are on the floor.

It is very easy to view this as being possibly the biggest addition to the game since it originally released. Sure, new characters and new maps are cool, but having access to this kind of stuff has always led to utterly gobsmacking new content. The ingenuity of the community nearly always amazes everyone who looks on at it, this time will be no different.

It will come complete with a Workshop Inspector. This is basically a debugger that will let people test their creations and help them find errors and issues in their new favourite modes. Kaplan has high hopes for the whole thing and clearly thinks it could be the start of something great for people saying, “Maybe you’ll realize that you, too, could be a game developer someday, and you can make really cool stuff”. Workshop is clearly designed more for people with experience in programming already. However, Blizzard have also said it is designed to be accessible and they will be hosting forums to help answer more questions and get more feedback from the community. It is only a matter of time until there is some weird dick-based game. Is this something to look forward to?