Slay the spire sees PS4 release


Good news for fans of cards and monsters – which, going by the most recent trends in gaming, is pretty much everyone – the fantastic Slay the Spire is coming to PS4 May 21st. Having released properly on PC in January the game has won an awful lot of people over and for good reason.

Still no work on when we can start out spire slaying on Switch though. The Switch version was announced in a Nindies direct back in August last year, but we have yet to hear anything else. This is definitely the kind of thing that would fit the Switch perfectly, but at least it is coming to a console now.

The game has you fighting through monster battles and battling the almighty pain in the face that is RNG as you try to reach the top of the spire. You can expect to die a lot though as the game is also a roguelike. As you choose your path through the map you have to weigh up whether it is better to battle more for experience or try and rest up to conserve your health.

There are loads of decisions to be made in each run too. It isn’t just which direction you take. You have to decide on which character to use as they have different playstyles. You’ll need to weigh up the benefits of a single powerful card against a combo-based deck too. You’ll even need to occasionally destroy your own cards to increase your chances of getting the good stuff. With characters to unlock and an essentially unlimited amount of runs to attempt, you can probably assume that Slay the Spire will slay your productivity when it releases. It’ll only cost £19.99 on release too, though if you have PS Plus you can pre-order it for £17.99 instead.