Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC Revealed


Square Enix has revealed a new DLC package for Kingdom Hearts 3 titled ReMIND. The add-on was unveiled at an orchestral performance of the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack in Tokyo.

Whilst we don’t have official confirmation of what exactly is going to be in the pack, fans who were in attendance have took to social media to attempt to pin down just what is coming. According to Twitter user @YanilynGaming, the DLC pack will be a paid add-on to the base game, and will feature new content that will hopefully tie up some of the game’s loose ends.

YanilynGaming was in attendance and notes that there is an “additional scenario” on the way, which shares the title of the DLC pack itself, ReMIND. Besides that, there will be two new bosses, a limit and secret episode, as well as an option to use English voices in the Japanese version of the game.
This is pretty much looking like the ‘Final Mix’ of Kingdom Hearts 3, a holistic update to the game that fleshes out its story and provides the definitive experience for keen fans.

In a later tweet, YanilynGaming also made note that these aren’t the only things coming in ReMIND and that Nomura will dish details later in the year. Apparently the news was revealed via a “funny PowerPoint presentation” that Nomura held at the event…

Hopefully we’ll know more about ReMIND as we get into the summer months of 2019. We’ll be sure to let you know if we hear anything else.