Indie Developer Has Game Pulled From Switch eShop For Including Code Editor Easter Egg

A dark room title screen

A developer who was trying to “capture the magic of coding in its purest form” has had his game removed from the Switch eShop for including a code editor as an easter egg.

Amir Rajan is the man behind A Dark Room, a game that landed on the Switch eShop this past month. There’s nothing really to shout about as far as the game is concerned, what’s more interesting is the sneaky easter egg he tried to hide within it.

As of last week, if you bought his game on the eShop, plugged in a USB keyboard and hit the tilde key you could basically find a Ruby app creator within the game itself. Now, historically, Nintendo (or any of the major platform owners) haven’t been too keen on code injectors landing on their storefronts, so A Dark Room was quickly wiped from the shop.

Rajan took to social media in an attempt to boost knowledge about his creation, which was absolutely a bad idea as Nintendo quickly took notice and took action. Rajan’s reasoning seemingly centres on trying to get kids into coding, which is fair enough, but perhaps this wasn’t the best way of going about it, especially when looking to sell a game on the eShop.

It raises a few questions about Nintendo’s QA process with what lands on the eShop. There have been a smattering of controversies in the past year with certain games landing on the storefront with worrying or explicit content. The hope is that it won’t end up as loose as other major platforms which host games regardless of content with no questions asked.
Speaking to Eurogamer, Rajan downplayed the power of the humble code editor, noting that it is only useful if you want to “draw lines, squares, labels and play sounds from A Dark Room,” but realistically, who knows what could be done with today’s hacking talent.

Despite this, he appears apologetic in the face of his mistake, despite his honest intentions. “These past three days have been the worst days of my life. And I don’t know what to say except I’m sorry.”

Perhaps we’ll hear more via a statement from Nintendo in the near future, but until then, it looks like Rajan’s game won’t be coming back to the eShop anytime soon.