Leaked Borderlands 3 Clip Confirms Viewers Can Earn Loot By Watching Streamers


As we close in on the big Borderlands 3 reveal event coming this week, clips of the game are starting to leak out on social media, confirming new features that are coming to the hotly anticipated looter shooter.

A short clip that landed on Reddit yesterday shows the game’s UI and updated visuals, with the player-character opening a chest and picking up some shiny loot. However, the most important part of the video is what Claptrap has to say.

Everybody’s favourite annoying little robot chimes in to say “Hello viewers, you have a chance to win a copy of any piece of loot you see here.” This corroborates a new feature coming to the game that was confirmed by Game Informer.

In their article, they point to an announcement trailer for a new Twitch extension known as Echocast. When installed by a participating streamer, fans watching can access a variety of features that bring them closer to the streamer’s instance of the game. For example, viewers can see a streamer’s “loadout, inventory and skill trees via an interactive overlay menu.”
This means you can check out what gear your favourite streamer is rocking whilst they play, and if you want to copy their build, so be it! As mentioned earlier in the article though, the main draw is the free loot.

When a streamer who is using Echocast opens particular chests, viewers will get a pop-up on stream with a short timer that allows them to grab a piece of loot from that chest, which is then transferred to their Gearbox account and corresponding instance of the game. It appears to use the SHiFT service that was baked into Borderlands 2, so make sure you’ve got your login details up to date.

Echocast is launching on May 1 alongside the massive gameplay reveal that is coming this week, where we’re sure to learn much more about what’s new in Borderlands 3. Gearbox’s reinvented looter shooter will then drop later in the Autumn on September 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Perhaps you should train your itchy trigger finger on the previous games whilst you wait?