Metal Gear Solid Being Remade In Dreams

Metal Gear Solid Remake in Dreams

Media Molecule’s Dreams is already a pure font of genius creativity, with a multitude of gorgeous artworks and intricate games being created within the uh… game.

It’s basically a game engine in and of itself, affording players with the ability to make music, landscapes, sculpt characters and basically let their imagination run wild.

A lot of the dreams that are currently available in the game often focus on remaking vignettes of other games, sometimes with clever spins on the source material.

In this case, it’s more of a straight homage. Created by Bear Parker (who happens to be the community manager for LEGO-focused TT Games,) this dream recreates the start of Kojima’s PS1 classic Metal Gear Solid.

You can watch a video where Bear details the project and talks about his goals and aims for the dream. He’s clearly very passionate about it and looks to expand on the original design which focuses on the hanger in which Snake emerges from the water and embarks upon his legendary sneaking mission in.

Bear’s recreation of Metal Gear Solid and Shadow Moses is incredibly faithful down to each pixel. It’s clear there has been a focus on making it look and feel like the PS1 original over any other remakes. Sneaking looks almost complete, with Snake peeking around corners as the camera darts to his location. Even the music is authentic!

The creator is running into a few small hurdles due to the size of some of the textures, but progress is coming along nicely. Who knows, we could have the whole game (and all of its sequels!) in the Dreams engine eventually…