Metro Exodus DLC Roadmap Revealed

Metro Exodus DLC

After a successful release and a strong critical reception, the content roadmap for 4A Games’ Metro Exodus has been revealed, promising plenty of DLC over the course of the next year and a half.

According to publisher Deep Silver, the game is set to add two new story-driven DLC packs before mid-2020 that will take you out of protagonist Artyom’s shoes and slot you into the slippers of two brand new characters.
The first pack is known as The Two Colonels, which focuses on the plight of Colonel Khlebnikov who is attempting to get back home to his son Kirill on New Year’s Eve. This takes place “under the dead city of Novosibirsk,” and will involve dealing with slime mutants and radiation poisoning.

On top of the inspired setting, this will also mark the first appearance of the flamethrower, a new weapon for Metro Exodus. Players will be shuttled through claustrophobic environments to really amp up the tension when it drops in Summer of this year.

The second DLC pack is known as Sam’s Story and follows a lone American Spartan Ranger who is attempting to get back to the USA after the bombs fell whilst he was stationed in the Moscow embassy. His hope is lifted when the Rangers realize that there may be more cities out there not totally ravaged by the nuclear apocalypse.

This story will focus on the “sandbox survival landscape” of new area Vladivostok, which features “tsunami-ravaged harbors” and general industrial ruin. How cheerful! Both packs are attempting to spin out the most interesting parts of Metro Exodus, namely its wide-open sandbox spaces and claustrophobic tunnels.

Fans who’ve managed to beat the game will no doubt be excited by this news. The DLC packs sound like an earnest attempt to expand the lore of the world of Metro and will stay true to the core of Exodus’ atmospheric single-player experience.

To find out more you can check out the official website.