Rainbow Six: Siege Phantom Sight brings two new operators

Rainbow Six: Siege Phantom Sight

Rainbow Six: Siege Phantom Sight is on its way, with two new operators entering the fold tomorrow, May 21.

The Ubisoft multiplayer shooter has seen something of a revival in the past few years following the game’s humble launch. With a burgeoning esports scene and a growing community, it really is the best time to pick up Siege or get back into it if you’ve played it before.

Operators Nokk & Warden are the main bits of content the developers are bringing to the game with this update, but before we get onto them, Ubisoft revealed that the map Kafe Dostoyevsky is being fixed up for the update, in hopes of making it more viable and balanced by mitigating some of the kill zones.

Outside of the above, we have Nokk, an attacking operator who is silent but deadly. Nokk can cloak herself and get past enemy cameras to pull off dangerous flanks, but her veil can also glitch when conducting certain non-stealthy actions, meaning she does have an Achilles heel. Nokk uses the FMG-9 and SIX12-SD.

The other operator revealed is Warden, who looks like a sports coach or chartered accountant. Don’t underestimate him though, as he is actually very dangerous. Warden has a special pair of spectacles (known as the Glance Smartglasses) which allow him to see through smoke and give him immunity to flashbangs.

He looks extremely silly, but if the accompanying video proves anything it’s that he can really do some damage. A secret service agent with abilities just like James Bond, Warden looks like he’s going to shake up the meta by countering smoke and flash operators like Glaz or Ying. He wields an MPX submachinegun or an M590A1 shotgun depending on your disposition.

If you’re excited to test out these fascinating new characters, you won’t have to wait long! The Rainbow Six: Siege Phantom Sight update is dropping on PC, Xbox One and PS4 tomorrow.