Double Fine’s RAD Receives Release Date

RAD release date

Revealed earlier this year during one of Nintendo’s Nindies showcases in March, RAD is the latest game from Double Fine spearheaded by Lee Petty, who previously led development on some of Double Fine’s most inspired indie games, Stacking and Headlander.

Bandai Namco has revealed the game’s launch date in a sudden announcement, listing a release of August 20th later this year.
RAD takes place after a dual-apocalypse event in the 80s and 90s, framed in a world known as The Fallow, the radioactive leftovers of the ensuing chaos. The protagonist is a Stranger Things-esque teenager wielding household items to take on the mutated monsters.

The unique element is that the player can be mutated just by progressing through the game in RAD, offering enhancements like sludge feet and snakeheads, with a myriad of interesting buffs in between. You pick up floppy disks and tape collectables as you play, and seek to restore the world with your radical moves and style.

My playthrough at Rezzed filled me with excitement, as RAD feels like one of the more inventive roguelikes to grace our screens in the past few years. This is mostly down to the game’s inspired art direction and crunchy controls. It feels great to play and looks stunning. Exploring dismal metal bunkers and palm-tree laden environments was an utter delight, and I’m sure roguelike fans are going to enjoy getting lost in this world.

The game has been progressing carefully through closed beta over the past couple of months approaching its summer release. Bandai Namco is handling publishing for RAD, a first-time collaboration for Double Fine, who you may know from previous games Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and Broken Age.

Get ready for RAD when it launches this August 20th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out Double Fine’s website for more details.