Leak shares details of Final Fantasy VII Remake


A major leak, apparently from a worker involved in its development, has revealed what purport to be details of the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The leak, which appeared to come from someone in Square Enix’s El Segundo office (which has responsibility for North American localisation) was posted to Reddit. It claims, among other things that the game will be released in two self-contained parts, and that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will have a real-time combat system.

As with any leak, there is a possibility that it is an elaborate hoax, but among the claims made about the Final Fantasy VII Remake are: “Different weapons have different triangle heavy hits (does not cost an ATB charge). You use these heavy hits after a string of regular hits. Regular hits are chip damage and the main damage will be from heavy combo finishers and the of course the massive limit breaks.”

The leak alleges that the game’s Over-world map will add an open-world element to the game: “Over-world map is almost seamless. There are some “zones.” There will be roads and methods of transportation. It is open world. Vehicles like the Tiny Bronco work almost exactly the same only being able to go in lighter water. There will be items available occasionally on the field. Chocobos will of course be obtainable after the farm.”

Plus it suggests that the towns accessible from the Over-world map have received a major makeover: “They have really made an effort to make each town feel lived in, and feel like there is a reason why each place is like the way it is. Each town is very unique from the last. Cosmo Canyon and its occasional dust storms are a stark contract to the streets of Midgar. Upper Junon feels very much more like a military installation than Midgar as well.”

The leak also details the point at which the first part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will end: “Part 1 ends exactly as Aerith is let down into the water after her death and a fade to black.”

We should not have too long to find out whether the details listed in the leak are accurate: Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to be one of the star games at this year’s E3 Show, which takes place next month, and Square Enix is set to hold a press conference at the show. For more official Final Fantasy VII Remake information, visit the game’s website.

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