“Ubisoft Pass” service Leaked Via Store

Ubisoft pass

Enjoying Xbox Game Pass or EA Access? Good, because Ubisoft appears to be wading into the same market with its own library-based subscription service currently named the “Ubisoft Pass”.

Discovered by eagle-eyed gumshoes on Resetera, a placeholder image for something called the “Ubisoft Pass Premium” was found on the Ubisoft Store. Now, there appears to be a bit of an issue with this store, as just recently it was the medium that leaked Ghost Recon: Breakpoint ahead of its announcement in early May. Rogue leaks or intentional? Who knows.
The main thing is, this looks like a fairly concrete tease for what’s to come at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference which is taking place on June 10th at 9 PM UK time. 

We already know from a previous leak that a roller-derby based IP is likely to feature, as is Watch Dogs 3 and potentially a new Assassin’s Creed game steeped in Norse myth. How timely! It certainly looks like E3 is going to be a packed show for Ubisoft, which is a strong play given that Sony among others is skipping the convention center in its entirety.

Back to the pass, the “Premium” tag listed suggests that this will not be the only iteration of the Ubisoft Pass available to consumers. Perhaps there will be a two-tiered system like EA’s offering. Origin Access Basic and Premier differ in that the more expensive option gives players early access to all of EA’s new games as well as the vault of titles offered by the Basic part of the service.

Ubisoft pass

Microsoft offers the same system albeit without early access – but via Xbox Play Anywhere, first-party titles can be played on both Xbox and PC if you’re a subscriber. Subscription services are becoming far more common in the games industry now, and are growing ever popular with constant discounts and free trials offered for Xbox Game Pass among others. 
Of course, we have to worry about our ownership over these games when these services come to pass – it’s not quite as secure as owning your disks, but due to their popularity, you can see why Ubisoft might be inclined to jump on the bandwagon. We also have to wonder whether saturation in this market will be good for consumers or not – having to subscribe to a series of services to own the best games from the top publishers will add up fast in your bank account, and who knows what Sony has up its sleeve for the PlayStation 5.

We’ll have to wait and see what Ubisoft has to say about the Pass at E3 (if anything at all) before we learn more. Will they try to diversify amidst strong competition or offer an all-too-similar service? It’s all up in the air. Watch this space and we’ll keep you posted with any news we hear as we approach E3.